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Home Edge Enclosure Options to Fit your Needs

We manufacture a wide range of structural panels made from a wide variety of lightweight, high strength materials. We specialize in aluminum honeycomb panels, that provide the highest strength to weight ratio. There are many fabrication options for panel construction designs. Edge enclosure is typically used to:

  • Hide exposed honeycomb
  • Provide rigidity to edges
  • Support hardware
  • Seal edges from outside elements
  • Place support for structural members

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Epoxy Edge Fill

Epoxy Edge Fill can be applied to cover sharp exposed honeycomb edges. This option works well for panels with unique thicknesses and in situations where other types of closeouts are not practical.

Wood Framing

For an option that provides extra rigidity and fastening points, choose wood framing. The most affordable option is poplar wood, but any type of wood can be used.


C-Channels can be used to close out the edge of the panel and protect the perimeter. Internal, legs out C-Channels work well when fastening panels together with a block or fastening system. Connecting aluminum honeycomb can be used to produce oversized and tight tolerance panels. Panels can also be enclosed internally with solid aluminum along the edges. This provides maximum strength and allows for the placement of fastening points as needed.

Press-Brake Bend

A press-brake bend can be used to create a smooth, seamless edge. A press-break bend is created using a face sheet of metal that is bent using a machine. Using this method, it is possible to create various heights and bend radiuses.

We have many fabrication techniques to help you design many low-cost additions to any honeycomb panel. CNC machining can be applied with edge enclosure to ensure drilling and edge profiles are done at a high tolerance. Please feel free to Contact us with questions, ideas, and requirements for your panel design, as options are broad.

droppedImage_12 Legs in channel edge enclosure co-fab. This option is great for strength and weight sensitive panels.

droppedImage_2 Aluminum tube placed on panel post-fab. This is one of the simplest and cost effective edge closeouts.

droppedImage_3 Press brake bends can be incorporated co-fab. This option allows us to square panels to final size.

droppedImage_4 Single sheet press brake bends can be incorporated to face sheets. This application is used commonly for walls and ceilings.

droppedImage_5 Solid edge enclosure with press-brake bend.

droppedImage_6 A legs out channel is a great option for panels that need high strength enclosure.

droppedImage_7 External c-channel post fabrication. This edge solution is common when drilling and tapping of holes near edges is needed.

droppedImage Edge fill provides high strength edge enclosure to panels with unusual geometry.