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We work with a wide variety of core substrates, but our specialty is aluminum honeycomb for various applications. Aluminum honeycomb cores have numerous uses and can be produced in several ways. Internal aluminum honeycomb core substrates are the foundation of many panels. The core is comprised of ¼” aluminum honeycomb with a 3003 aluminum alloy grade. The hexagonal cells are a 1/4” in diameter. This is a structural grade aluminum honeycomb that is core used for emergency vehicle flooring, commercial trailers and structural wall cladding. ¼” aluminum honeycomb core is strong and rigid while remaining lightweight. The core is cut to size at 1-¾” thick and is ready to be bonded to make an aluminum honeycomb panel. Aluminum honeycomb core ranges in thickness from ⅛”-6” and is cut to precise dimensions, within .005 of an inch. Aluminum honeycomb core provides the highest rigidity while remaining the lightest of any substrate available. Aluminum honeycomb cores are impervious to extreme temperatures and can withstand temperatures ranging from below zero up to 350 Fahrenheit. They are also resistant to moisture, corrosion and fungi, and are A+ fire-rated. The cores can be perforated to allow airflow through the panel while maintaining strength requirements, a feature that is often beneficial for vacuum tables and industrial machine parts.

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Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate panels with aluminum honeycomb cores are dent and moisture resistant. These panels consist of an aluminum honeycomb core bonded to a transparent polycarbonate face sheet.

Polyiso foam core

Polyiso foam core is a closed cell substrate that is water and fire resistant. It can be used in internal or external panels due to the R factor. It is commonly used for external cladding in commercial buildings, elevator cabs and in the marine industry. Polyiso foam core is also rigid while remaining lightweight, and fire, water and fungi resistant.

Aluminum Plywood Panels

Aluminum plywood panels are used for heavy duty, high impact applications, such as high traffic ramps, bridges and other areas that require high strength without weight requirements or concerns. Aluminum plywood core allows 100% of the core to be bonded, providing the strongest bond possible and a sleek aluminum look while remaining resistant to dents.

Polypropylene Panels

Polypropylene panels consist of plastic honeycomb and are popular in the boating industry and other places where water-friendly paneling is required. This core allows panels to be submerged in water and will not warp in humid or watery conditions.

Paper Honeycomb

The most cost effective and lightweight option, paper honeycomb core is used in standard interior doors, shelving and partitions.

At Flatiron Panel Products, we work with a variety of core substrates to fit any paneling need. Call (303)664-9601 to get a customized quote today!