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Home Panel Finishing

Aluminum honeycomb panels are typically constructed of two face sheets and a core which are bonded together to form what is known as a sandwich panel. Edge enclosures can be incorporated in many panel designs along with internal hard-points and custom features. These panels exhibit performance characteristics far superior to solid structures. Through proper selection of core and face sheet materials, we can help you design a panel with extraordinary performance characteristics.

We offer many laminating and finish options. We can laminate any honeycomb panel with your choice of HPL Laminates. Veneer is another popular option as a secondary lamination that provides a decorative finish. Whether you prefer veneer or HPL laminates, there are hundreds of colors and styles from which to choose. For high-end interior design, clear polycarbonate is an attractive option.

Pre-painted aluminum sheets last for 20 years or longer outdoors, and there are 500 finishes to choose from. Custom painting, including textured industrial finishes and decorative metal finishes, is also available.

We take pride in providing solutions that suit any aesthetic style and application. In doing so, we make it possible to use our honeycomb panels for almost any purpose, even in high-end interior decoration applications.

It is possible to achieve virtually any type of finish on an aluminum honeycomb panel. View Images in Gallery. Contact us to learn more today!