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The owners of Flatiron Panel Products, David Torres and Bob Freedman, have more than 23 years of combined experience in manufacturing, machining and laminating honeycomb panels. For 23 years, Bob owned Flatiron Machine and Development, Inc. where he perfected his technique for manufacturing honeycomb panels. David has devised numerous new techniques that increase production and the quality of honeycomb panels during his eight years of experience. Together, they are able to provide top-quality structural panels in numerous styles, designs and materials at competitive pricing. Flatiron Panel Products specializes in providing lightweight, high strength structural panels. For the highest strength to weight ratio, aluminum honeycomb panels are unbeatable.The employees of Flatiron Panel Products are highly skilled and have years of experience that allow them to fabricate affordable panels with short lead times. Whether you are in need of simple panels with sandwich construction or something more complex with edge closures, fasteners or unique shapes, Flatiron Panel Products can create it. If you are in need of structural panels for any application, contact us today!